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Further Questions

What questions need to be asked? Please add your questions and comments:


  • What do I need to know about meat to make decisions based on my preferences and reduce adverse environmental and personal health impacts?
  • How can the public health case be made for reducing red meat consumption -- which could contribue to saving approximately 150,000 lives each year in the US (nearly four times as many as are lost in automobile accidents)?
  • What are the costs of current farming practices in terms of water pollution and water supply?
  • How do we get official information sources to provide easily accessible and current data and trends about the environmental impacts of food production?
  • What are we doing to continue to examine the Earth's geological record to examine the nature of the planet's particular climate variability and stability?


  • In his Letter to the Farmer in Chief, Michael Pollan suggests that "The FDA should require that every packaged food product include a second calorie count, indicating how many calories of fossil fuel went into its production."
  • Francis Moore Lappé states in the May/June 2009 edition of World Watch Magazine:
"As always, I devoured your January/February issue. I learned a great deal and enjoyed Julia Tier's Reluctant Vegetarian. Noting her first question - How will I get enough protein?- I recalled my surprise in learning that Americans on average eat twice the protein our bodies can even use. So, to all your readers: No worries...just follow Julia and enjoy the taste adventures of the plant world!"