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Business Advisory Services for Entrepreneurs (BASE)

Designed to help food and farming entrepreneurs successfully grow their businesses

Starting a small business can be a daunting yet exhilarating experience. Your focus is to create something amazing that your customers will love and rave about. An important step towards that goal is managing your businesses finances, from day to day bookkeeping to fundraising. While you concentrate on creating the best customer experience, let Vital Systems help you with the financial and administrative aspects of your business.

We offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to help food and farming entrepreneurs successfully grow their business including bookkeeping, financial planning and administrative services. For businesses looking to raise capital, we provide a food and farming investment summary that serves as a robust, visually concise, understandable, and attractive introduction for prospective investors. It includes basic financial information and community benefit returns and addresses the needs of both investors and entrepreneurs in a simple snapshot. Some additional services we offer to attract investors include:

  • A professional created deck for presentation to potential investors
  • A full business report for investors that dives deep into your business as a prelude to due diligence
  • Assistance during the due diligence process including collecting pertinent documents, preparing all supporting data with you and presenting everything in one place online for investors to view

Let us help you with these challenges and any others that come up. Contact us for a free assessment of your needs at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  .


What our customers are saying:

Barbara, founder of Tess' Community Farm Kitchen:

"Vital Systems came through for me when I needed it most. I have seen many executive summaries, but not for businesses in my area of endeavor… a farm market and commercial kitchen dedicated to introducing Urban dwellers to the farming community in my area. And I had a severe time-constraint. I was preparing for a submittal that was due within a week. I was asked to provide my executive summary in a week, and I wasn’t close to understanding what was needed. Akshay Arabolu at Vital Systems took on the challenge with a 'can-do' attitude, and we were able to get the job done, all for a very reasonable fee. I will be using them again when I reach my next plateau. In the meantime, I highly recommend the organization to anyone building a 'Slow Food' inspired organization."