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Case Studies: Getting it Done!

Hay traducción en español para muchos de los resumenes. Los vinculos demustran todo y se queiren mas información por favor escribenos! Animo!

Lago Atitlan Marathon

Fundraiser to benefit ecology projects to restore the health of the Lake

Recaudación de fondos para programación de educacion y limpieza del Lago


Youth Health Education and Media Sexual Education

Programa Juvenil-Usando los medios para empoderar! El Peten Region  


A group of teenagers run a fun youth radio show to encourage informed decision making around sexual health and personal agency. Jovenes manejan un programa de radio para empoderard a la juventud con informacion acerca de salud personal, sexual, y comparten informacion que muchos no queiren discutir. Crean un espGlobal Activism/Activismo Global

Guatemala Lives/Guatemala Vive!


Trailer for the new documentary. Cortometraje de documental GUATEMAL VIVE!

Guatemala Lives, is a fifty-minute poignant and up-to-date account of the daily struggles of indigenous peoples to attain justice, self-determination and presence in Guatemalan politics. Weaved around interviews with Mayan political and religious leaders, candidates, as well as a multitude of everyday citizens expressing opinions about politics and the role that indigenous people are playing in the building of democracy.

Un documental acerca de la lucha de la gente indigena para realizar justicia, auto-determincacion, y presencia en la politica de Guatemala. Es pesado ver el inbalance y a la vez hay mucha inspiracion ver lo que ha logrado

Mayan Ritual and Political Theater/Teatro Maya-Preservando y creciendo cultura


One of a kind Social change art and education for youth and families in theater, ritual music, and Mayan Cosmology. Teatro para el Cambio Social y Conciencia. Ofrecen talleres y actividades con jovenes y la comunidad en teatro, music, y cosmología Maya.

What are we doing in San Pedro la Laguna

Pescadores Actions 1 and 2

Reunion 1: 5/28/11

Reunion 2: 5/31/11           

Community Reunion 3. 4/20/12

Notes from interview with Berna Gonzaelez of Cafes Cristalinas of San Pedro La laguna-Berna is the son and manager of the Cafe’s Cristalinas business, a youth mentor, and is in pursuit of ways to empower his community.  Vital systems is partnering with him to support community meetings to align visions and assess what capacities are needed so that partners can consider ways to support and collaborate.

11 participants: fisherman, painters, educators, casa rosario staff at a meeting to share updates on efforts to heal the lake and to educate each other.  Fisherman and Solidarity Comittee continue to do monthly clean ups on the shore and want to do it more often.  Participants feel its too soon to advance into conversations about potential education and action center. They choose to focus on efforts to unite people in community clean ups and strengthening relationships.

Community Reunion 4.  5/4/12 7:15pm-9:30pm

Notes from interview with Berna Gonzaelez of Cafes Cristalinas of San Pedro La laguna

12 participants, 8 which are new to group that includes neighbors, educators, casa rosario staff and 2 painters with social justice lenz, and 3 foreigners from Canada, the U.S and Colombia.

The meeting focused on next steps for organizing community lake clean up actions. They want to do it on a larger scale and have called in more help in doing outreach.  They feel that in order to have deeper conversations on root causes of illness and contamination of lake, they must build more trust while in action and service.

Next steps:

Fisherman have invited Berna and Pito to intimate strategy meetings on organizing the people for lake cleaining actions.

Berna wants to outreach to Jabel Ya, Taa-Pit, and learn about other education and ecology projects. He feels charged to find ways to plant more natives that can heal the lake rim and engage youth that he mentors.

We spoke of our responsibility or opportunity with our privileges to online communications tools and education, to study best practices and translate into ways that are useful and relevant to the people.  He is excited to see the site and will be reporting on upcoming meetings and actions.

The Colombian said that the lake is healing on its own because that is what it does and  it motivated people.  He Is excited for a 3rd meeting and we encourage him to wait a bit and invite support in wider outreach and update sharing with parallel and complementary work.

(Guatemala youth poet slams truth) POEMA EN IXIMCHE'

(Guatemala youth poet slams truth) POEMA EN IXIMCHE'



Oasis Games:

Dealing with the opportunity to create anew with beloved community members and place is a practice we all need to undertake. Community rejuvenation project after Flood in Santa Catarina Brazil, Incorporating Group games, singing, fun, and work to build culture center and parks. Crisis is danger and opportunity. - Comunidad se une para reparar y construir después de un desastre  (inundación) en Brasil. Juegos, diversión, creatividad, y crean un centro cultural, escuela, y parques para la comunidad en 3 semanas! www.vimeo.com/17337520  -

Guerreiros Sem Armas-Warriors without Weapons:

The power of fun, games, community building actions for healing, joy, parks, schools, and diverse collaboration! La fuerza de la creatividad, la recreación para sanar, aumentar alegria y belleza en la comunidad!



Planet Drum Foundation


*Ecuador: Bahia, Planet Drum FNDN, CA, US Bioregionalismo! Youth Empowerment, Ecology, Bio-remediation, and adventure!

The Ecuadorian coastal city of Bahia de Caraquez has committed itself through law to become ecological and sustainable. Planet Drum Foundation in San Francisco, California helped create community awareness of issues there at a celebration announcing the Ecological City Declaration in January 1999.Since then, Planet Drum has established a field office and carried out a major bioregional projects to revegetate a city barrio with native trees for erosion control against future mudslides and to create an urban "wild corridor." They are currently training youth in secondary education in ecology and are currently working on additional revegetation of hillsides, water supply and purity, household ecology education, biological sewage treatment, alternative energy, and others.    Programa Junenil de Ecologia y remediacion medioambiental en Ecuador.    

Entrenan a lideres jovenes a reparar la erosion de la tierra con plantas nativas, como filtrar agua, energia alternativa, y mas acerca de la sostentibilidad.

Rights of Mother Earth-Protecting sacred river from Oil Companies


and summary in spanish  http://www.rightsofmotherearth.com/declaration/derechos-madre-tierra/

Young boy motivates Community-Niño joven motiva a la gente!


TYLO video Comrades in Tucson, AZ-defending peoples and earth, while growing Justice

TYLO video Comrades in Tucson, AZ-defending peoples and earth, while growing Justice

Youth Permaculture farming and Immigrant Rights

12 yr old Girl silences world at UN Summit-Global Warming Alert!

Youth Activism

12 yr old Girl silences world at UN Summit-Global Warming Alert! 

Rooted in Community Youth Food System Healers and Justice Network-Trainings and Action