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Our Mission

As a flexible purpose corporation, we:

Facilitate and support our human family's deep connection with all living systems; live vibrant, respectful, and fulfilling lives; and co-evolve a regenerative and resilient world.  We promote kinship, interdependence, mindful behavior, and loving kindness, through training, best practices, collaborative projects and conscious investing.

We do this by:

  • Supporting inalienable rights to healthy food that is good, clean, fair and affordable;
  • Developing equitable democratic practices;
  • Growing resilient, living systems; and
  • Honoring the Spirits of Life.


At Vital Systems, we question the current underlying values around money and its relation to contemporary food systems. We offer services for food and farming businesses and investors to help grow food and farming enterprises, infrastructure and healthy economies. As part of our mission, we also actively engage grassroots communities to heal living systems. 

Our Evolution

Vital Systems, Inc. is the result of Theodosia Hamilton Ferguson’s last ten years of deduction, intuition, inquiry, and experimentation into creating resilient economies. In 2004, she launched Sustainable Venture as a 501(c)3 nonprofit to address the issue that Beneficial Owners, people with assets in trust with private banks, are often kept from knowing how their money drives global policy.

Theo co-developed an interactive curriculum - Owning My Money, Saving My World – with Resourceful Women, 485 high net-worth women interested in financial and social returns. In this period, Theo coined the term “integrated bottom line” to describe the total social, environmental, and financial impact of a venture in one combined metric.

Theo joined the Social Investment Forum (now US-SIF) and learned that investment information is presented as indices. Out of this grew a new language to reach all people as “Beneficial Owners.” Sustainable Ventures developed the "Our Daily Bread Prize" to present a way to measure and communicate life cycle analyses of products and services. Theo joined like-minded groups BALLE and Investors’ Circle and then became one of the founding members of Slow Money. In collaboration with Slow Food Nation, Sustainable Ventures produced the event “Pricing the Food on the Table." In this event, Sustainable Ventures showcased True Cost Pricing and Accounting using the example of an all organic meal sourced within 100 miles and presented information about the meal in a form any diner could understand. This action made the case for the inclusion of affordability in the Slow Food definition of healthy food.

During the global collapse of the economy, Sustainable Ventures evolved into Vital Systems. During her time running this consultancy as a sole proprietorship, Theo focused on education and advocacy around local investing. She participated in Slow Money National Gatherings, catalyzed the local chapter for Slow Money Northern California, and began investing in local food and farming infrastructure in California.  During a sabbatical, Theo inquired into Mayan, Amazonian and Q'ero indigenous lifestyles to experience and learn how people have lived sustainably for thousands of years.  

In 2013, Theo founded Vital Systems as a Flexible Purpose Corporation with twelve employee shareholders and six consultants. This organization carries forward this process of inquiry in delivering services at the intersection of direct relationship driven investing and local food and farming.

Our Annual Report

Vital Systems releases an annual report that keeps our partners, clients and stakeholders updated on what we have done and plan to do.

To download a copy of the latest annual report, please click here.