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Good Food Web

A community-driven platform for building resilient economies

At Vital Systems, we are inspired by the creativity of all those businesses that are using local food sourcing to transform the economy of their communities. The Good Food Web, our key advocacy tool, is designed to highlight these role models and to grow the effort by connecting all the key stakeholders to each other and to the educational resources, best practices, and expert consulting services they need

Expert Advisors
Within our family of successful investors, producers, entrepreneurs, and academics, you will find the expert who can help you move forward at a price you can afford. You will also be able to join the family and offer your unique expertise for building local food economies to help other members nurture new businesses of their own.

Knowledge into Action
Tools, best practices, articles, research, sample business plans – Good Food Web will bring the best of what's out there together in one, easy-to-use platform so that you can get to work growing your local food enterprise.

Curated Community Commons
Members of the Good Food Web community can share their story, provide best practices and offer their own tried and true resources for fellow eaters, entrepreneurs and investors.  As a visual map of your local food economy, connections on Good Food Web can help you identify your place in the food system along with peers and allies to grow the effort.