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What’s Going on around Lake Atitlan?

Lago Atitlan Marathon

Fundraiser to benefit ecology projects to restore the health of the Lake

Recaudación de fondos para programación de educacion y limpieza del Lago


Youth Health Education and Media Sexual Education

Programa Juvenil-Usando los medios para empoderar! El Peten Region  


A group of teenagers run a fun youth radio show to encourage informed decision making around sexual health and personal agency. Jovenes manejan un programa de radio para empoderard a la juventud con informacion acerca de salud personal, sexual, y comparten informacion que muchos no queiren discutir. Crean un espGlobal Activism/Activismo Global

Guatemala Lives/Guatemala Vive!


Trailer for the new documentary. Cortometraje de documental GUATEMAL VIVE!

Guatemala Lives, is a fifty-minute poignant and up-to-date account of the daily struggles of indigenous peoples to attain justice, self-determination and presence in Guatemalan politics. Weaved around interviews with Mayan political and religious leaders, candidates, as well as a multitude of everyday citizens expressing opinions about politics and the role that indigenous people are playing in the building of democracy.

Un documental acerca de la lucha de la gente indigena para realizar justicia, auto-determincacion, y presencia en la politica de Guatemala. Es pesado ver el inbalance y a la vez hay mucha inspiracion ver lo que ha logrado