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Our Mission

As a flexible purpose corporation, we:

Facilitate and support our human family's deep connection with all living systems; live vibrant, respectful, and fulfilling lives; and co-evolve a regenerative and resilient world.  We promote kinship, interdependence, mindful behavior, and loving kindness, through training, best practices, collaborative projects and conscious investing.

We do this by:

  • Supporting inalienable rights to healthy food that is good, clean, fair and affordable;
  • Developing equitable democratic practices;
  • Growing resilient, living systems; and
  • Honoring the Spirits of Life.


At Vital Systems, we question the underlying values in our current interpretations around money and its relation to contemporary food systems. We offer services for food and farming businesses and for investors to help grow food and farming enterprises, infrastructure and healthy economies. Underlying our services, we also actively engage grassroots communities to heal living systems. 


Our Evolution

Vital Systems, is the result of Theo Ferguson’s last ten ten years of inquiry into creating resilient economies. Areas of inquiry include values-based purchasing decisions through access to integrated information from nine market sectors for environmental, social, governance (ESG) and financial sustainability including: finance, business, marketing, media, sustainability advocacy, academia, research, agriculture, and government. The Our Daily Bread Prize Program (ODB) was another project that provided an opportunity for civil society to develop True Cost Pricing and Accounting perspectives toward an integrated bottom line.